Sec. 20A-1-160. Violation--Penalty.

(a) Any person violating any provision of this chapter or failing to comply with any of its mandatory provisions shall be guilty of an infraction, punishable as set forth in Section 1-3-7 of the Woodland Municipal Code.
(b) Each person shall be guilty of a separate offense for each tree affected and for each day or portion thereof that a violation of this chapter is committed, continued or permitted to occur or continue.
(c) If, as a result of a violation of this chapter, the injury, mutilation or death of a street tree, heritage tree, specimen tree, or landmark tree occurs, the cost of repair or replacement of such tree, including enforcement costs, shall be borne by the person in violation of the chapter. The replacement value of tree(s) shall be determined by a certified arborist in accordance with the latest revision of A Guide to the Professional Evaluation of Landscape Trees, Specimen Shrubs, and Evergreens, as published by the International Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.). Cost levied and paid pursuant to this subsection shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any fine imposed pursuant to subsection (a).
(d) In addition to the general penalty set forth above, any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of this chapter shall be deemed a public nuisance and may be summarily abated by the city or director of public works in accordance with Chapter 14A of the Woodland Municipal Code and other applicable provisions of law. Each day such condition exists shall be regarded as a new and separate offense.
(e) Nothing contained in this section shall limit the right of the city council to authorize the city attorney or district attorney to seek or obtain any other form of judicial relief, legal or equitable, to which the city would be otherwise entitled. (Ord. No. 1230, § 4 (part); Ord. No. 1300 § 4 (part).)