Sec. 20-12-03. Banner sign design.

(a) Staff shall approve of the design of all coloring, typeset, materials used and manner of placement. Following is an example of a type of banner approvable as to arrangement of words and lettering:
An Old-Fashioned Fourth of July
July 4th — Heritage Plaza
City of Woodland


(b) Banner design shall be approved by the parks, recreation and community services department prior to issuance of a banner permit to ensure consistency with this policy. An exact copy or reproduction of the approved banner (which may include a snapshot or photograph, if the banner is too large for photocopy reproduction of the banner copy) shall be attached to and made part of the permit. Existing banners which meet the intent but not exact form as shown above shall be allowed until replaced or changed. Deviation from the approved wording is cause for either the refusal to install or the removal of any banner.
(c) Banner Specifications.
(1) Maximum banner size shall be four feet wide by twenty-four feet long constructed of a fabric, which will be able to withstand typical weather conditions.
(2) Support lines shall be forty feet long with the banner centered. Support lines shall be one fourth inch nylon rope top and bottom, double-stitched across the full length of the banner. Each corner shall be quadruple-stitched for one foot from each corner and across the support lines.
(3) Banners over twelve in length and two feet in width shall have wind relief cuts, one foot on center (four inches by four inches, horseshoe cuts). (Ord. No. 1359, § 4 (part).)