Sec. 20-5-17. Where no standard curb exists.

Where standard curbs and gutters are not in place, driveways within the right-of-way lines may be surfaced by extending the same type of surfacing used on the property owner’s premises to
merge with the street pavement. Such surfacing must be adequate in the opinion of the director of public works for the traffic to be carried, and must be constructed to the established grade and other slope fixed by the director of public works to provide proper drainage. Drainage facilities shall be of sufficient size to provide proper drainage as required by the director of public works. If the driveway paving is extended beyond the property line into the right-of-way at an intersection, the director of public works may require that the applicant construct a suitable traffic island or curb section to provide for installation and protection of such traffic signals or signs as may be necessary. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)