Sec. 20-2-9. Long-term permits--Annual renewals.

Any existing or proposed encroachment work in any right-of-way or watercourse which is or results in a continual encroachment into any right-of-way or watercourse, the owner of the encroachment shall apply for a long-term encroachment permit in order to maintain the encroachment to insure the health, safety and welfare of the public and shall provide proof of insurance with the city named as co-insured for such encroachment. Such encroachments relative to this section shall include but are not limited to: balconies and signs over sidewalks; tables and/or chairs, planters, advertising signs/displays, newsracks and delivery drop boxes on sidewalks. Long-term permits shall be subject to annual renewal, inspection and verification by the city. A long-term permit shall be required or renewed before a business license will be issued or renewed. Fees for long-term permits shall be as per the comprehensive fee schedule as adopted by the city Council. If at any time the director of public works finds the permittee has not maintained the continual encroachment to his satisfaction or not provided proof of insurance with the city named as co-insured or not renewed a long-term permit prior to obtaining or renewing a business license, he may cancel the permit and restore the right-of-way or watercourse to its former condition at the expense of the applicant. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)