Sec. 20-2-37. Authority of public works director to inspect and supervise.

(a) The director of public works is authorized to make such inspections as he/she deem necessary in connection with permits issued under this article. All work done or uses under such permits shall be under the supervision of and to the satisfaction of the director of public works.
(b) The director of public works shall prescribe line and grade for the proposed improvement for which a permit is required by Section 20-1-8 of this chapter so that minimum interference will be had with existing facilities or proposed future facilities. The director of public works may also specify the conditions under which pavement may be cut, the type of backfill to be used, the method of compacting the backfill and the type and thickness of pavement to replace the pavement removed. The director of public works shall inspect the work as construction progresses to insure that cutting of pavement and backfilling is in accordance with city standards and specifications and the conditions of the permit issued. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)