Sec. 20-2-32. Maintenance of right-of-way or watercourse after completion of work.

(a) By the acceptance of the permit, the permittee agrees to repair and make good any injury or damage to any portion of the street, right-of-way or watercourse which occurs within one year after the completion of work as the result of work done under the permit, including any and all injury or damage to the same which would not have occurred had such work not been done.
(b) The permittee shall, upon notice from the director of public works, immediately repair any injury, damage or nuisance, in any portion of the right-of-way or watercourse, resulting from the work done under the permit. In the event that the permittee fails to act promptly or should the exigencies of the injury or damage require repairs or replacement to be made before the permittee can be notified or can respond to the notification, the city may, at its option, make the necessary repairs or replacement, or perform the necessary work at the permittee’s expense. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)