Sec. 20-2-23. Public safety.

The permittee in the conduct of the work, use or maintenance of an encroachment authorized by a permit issued pursuant to this article shall provide, erect and/or maintain such lights, barriers, warning signs, patrols, watchmen and other safeguards as are necessary to protect the traveling public. If, at any time, the director of public works finds that adequate safeguards are not being provided, the city may provide, erect, maintain, relocate or remove such safeguards as are deemed necessary or may revoke the permit and restore the right-of-way to its former condition, all at the expense of the permittee. The warning signs, lights, and other safety devices shall conform to the applicable requirements of the California Vehicle Code, the current sign manual issued and in use by the State Department of Transportation, and the City Standard Specifications. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)