Sec. 20-2-22. Underground facilities.

The permittee shall inform itself as to the existence and location of all underground facilities and protect the same against damage. The permittee shall not interfere with any existing utility without the written consent of the director of public works and the owner of the utility. If it is necessary to relocate an existing utility, such relocation shall be done by the owner. No utility owned by the city shall be moved to accommodate the permittee, unless the cost of such work is borne by the permittee. The cost of moving privately-owned utilities shall be similarly borne by the permittee, unless other contractual arrangements are made. The permittee shall support and protect all pipes, conduits, poles, wires or other underground structures affected by excavation work, and shall inform the owner if any damage occurs to such facilities during the conduct of its work. All repairs, including replacement of protective pipe coatings, shall be made by the owner of the damaged facilities, unless other arrangements are made. The expense of repairs of any damage shall be charged to the permittee. If any claim of liability for damage to facilities is made against the city, its officers, employees and agents, permittee shall defend, indemnify and hold them, and each of them, harmless from such claim insofar as permitted by law. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)