Sec. 20-1-8. Permit--Required--Exception.

No person shall begin to construct, reconstruct, repair, alter or grade any sidewalk, curb, curb cut, driveway or street on the public right-of-way without first obtaining a permit from the director of public works as provided by the following sections; provided, however, that any person lawfully maintaining a utility in, along, upon or across any such sidewalk, curb, driveway or city street may, without first obtaining a permit, perform any emergency maintenance or repair work in respect thereof. Notice of such work shall be given to the director of public works as soon as practicable and thereafter such person shall comply with all pertinent provisions of the following sections. Any encroachment permit involving a sign erection shall not be issued until a sign permit has been issued by the community development department. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part).)