Sec. 20-1-5. Same--When required.

No person shall encroach or cause to be made any encroachment of any nature whatever within, upon, over or under the limits of any right-of-way or watercourse; or make or cause to be made any alteration of any nature within, upon, over or under such right-of-way or watercourse; or construct, put upon, maintain or leave thereon, or cause to be constructed, put upon, maintained or left thereon, any obstruction or impediment of any nature whatever; or remove, cut or trim trees thereon, or set a fire line, conduit or other fixtures; or move over or cause to be moved over the surface of any right-of-way or over any bridge, viaduct or other structure maintained by the city, any vehicle or combination of vehicles or other object of dimension or weight prohibited by law or having other characteristics capable of damaging the right-of-way; or place any structure, wall, culvert or similar encroachment, or make any excavation or embankment in such a way as to endanger the normal usage of the right-of-way or watercourse without having first obtained a permit as required by this chapter. An encroachment permit will normally be used only for a single parcel development. An encroachment permit may also be required by the city engineer for connection to the city water, sewer or storm drain systems when the connection is outside of the street right-of-way. (Ord. No. 1201, § 2 (part); Ord. No. 1499, § 3 (part).)