Sec. 20-11-8. Permit conditions.

The parks, recreation and community services director may condition the issuance of a permit by imposing reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of conducting the event as are necessary or appropriate to protect persons and property, and to control traffic, provided that such restrictions shall not unreasonably interfere with the right of free speech. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) Alteration of the staffing for, or the date, time, route or location of the event;
(2) Conditions concerning accommodation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including restricting the event to only a portion of a street;
(3) Requirements for provision of first aid and sanitary facilities, including the presence of emergency medical services personnel for all category two or three events;
(4) Requirements for use of event monitors and providing notice of permit conditions to participants;
(5) Approval of any proposed private security forces;
(6) Restrictions on the number and type of vehicles, animals or structures at the event;
(7) Compliance with animal protection ordinances and laws;
(8) Requirements for use and provision of garbage containers, cleanup and restoration of city property;
(9) Restrictions on the time and use of amplified sound;
(10) Permit applications for block-parties may be conditioned on notice and approval by at least fifty percent of the residents on the affected street(s);
(11) Compliance with any relevant ordinance or law, including obtaining any legally required permit or license;
(12) Adequate proof of payment of the public service fees pursuant to Section 20-11-13 of this article; and
(13) Adequate proof of compliance with the cleanup requirements set forth in Section 20-11-14 of this article. (Ord. No. 1360, § 3 (part); Ord. No. 1436, § 3 (part).)