Sec. 20-11-7. Grounds for denial of application for a permit.

(a) The parks, recreation and community services director shall approve an application for a permit unless he/she determines, from a consideration of the application and other pertinent information, that:
(1) Information contained in the application, or supplemental information requested from the applicant, is false in any material details;
(2) The application is incomplete or the applicant failed to complete the application after having been notified of the additional information or documents required;
(3) The applicant undertook a prior special event without a required permit or otherwise in violation of this article;
(4) The applicant failed to pay the additional costs of a prior special event charged pursuant to Section 20-11-13(c) of this article;
(5) Another permit application has been received prior in time, or has already been approved, to hold another event at the time and place requested by the applicant, or so close in time and/or place as to cause undue traffic congestion, or the city’s police department is unable to meet the needs for police services for both events;
(6) The concentration of persons, animals and vehicles at the site of the event, or the assembly and disbanding areas around the event, will either prevent proper police, fire or emergency medical services to areas contiguous to the event or will exceed the capabilities of the police, fire or emergency medical services needed to adequately protect the participants from the conduct of others;
(7) The size of the event will require diversion of so great a number of city police officers and other public employees to ensure that participants stay within the boundaries or route of the event, or to protect participants in the event, as to prevent normal protection to the rest of the city. Nothing herein authorizes denial of a permit when additional peace officers or approved private security forces to supplement these peace officers or approved private security forces would be available to the city, if requested by the city in advance of the event. Nothing herein authorizes denial of a permit because of the need to protect participants from the conduct of others, if reasonable conditions can be imposed to allow for adequate protection of participants with the number of police officers available to police the event;
(8) The location of the event will substantially interfere with any construction or maintenance work scheduled to take place upon or along the city streets or a previously granted encroachment permit;
(9) The event will occur at a time when a school is in session at a route or location adjacent to the school or class thereof, and the noise created by the activities of the event would substantially disrupt the educational activities of the school or class thereof;
(10) Given the name of the special event, and/or the past history of the applicant, sponsors and/or participants, the parks, recreation and community services director reasonably determines that the event presents a substantial risk to the health, safety and welfare of the participants and/or local residents that cannot be adequately mitigated using available public resources; or
(11) The applicant failed to comply with the California Fire Code and/or the State Fire Marshal requirements during previous special events.
(b) When the grounds for denial specified in subsection (a) of this section can be corrected by altering either the staffing for, or the date, time, duration, route or location of the event, the parks, recreation and community services director shall, instead of denying the application, conditionally approve the application upon the applicant’s written acceptance of conditions for permit issuance. The conditions imposed shall provide for only such modifications of the applicant’s proposed event as are necessary to achieve compliance with this article. (Ord. No. 1360, § 3 (part); Ord. No. 1436, § 3 (part).)