Sec. 20-11-3. Permits required--Exemptions.

Except as otherwise provided herein, all special events occurring within the city shall be prohibited unless a permit, properly issued by the parks, recreation and community services director, has first been obtained.
(1) Exemptions. A permit is not required for the following:
(A) Governmental agencies acting within the scope of their authorized function;
(B) Category one events held at private residences;
(C) Any parade or assembly of pedestrians organized for the purpose of exercising First Amendment rights and involving a procession of persons walking on sidewalks and obeying all traffic and other laws.
(2) Category One Events. A permit may not be required for category one events held:
(A) On city property, excepting in the public right-of-way. In the case of category one events in the public right-of-way, organizers shall submit an application in accordance with Section 20-11-4 of this article; or
(B) At a private facility that was constructed for the purpose of conducting the type of activities that are contemplated for the special event for less than five hundred participants.
(3) Category One Notice. For category one events held at private facilities as described in subsection (2)(B) of this section, the owner of the facility, or the occupants making it available, shall submit a category one notice to the parks, recreation and community services director. Such notices shall be filed no later than thirty days before the special event. Category one notices shall include the name, telephone number and address of the organizer(s), the time, date, location and brief description of the event and the projected attendance. The parks, recreation and community services director shall review all category one notices, with input, if needed, from the chief of police and/or the fire chief. If the special event is deemed a category one event, no further action shall be required. If, however, the special event is upgraded to either a category two or category three event, the organizer(s) shall be required to submit a permit application pursuant to Section 20-11-4 of this article. (Ord. No. 1360, § 3 (part); Ord. No. 1436, § 3 (part).)