Sec. 20-11-13. Public service fees.

(a) Upon approval of an application for a permit, the parks, recreation and community services director shall provide the permittee with a statement of the estimated cost of providing police, fire, emergency medical services and other city employees for public safety at the event. The cost of such services shall be solely borne by the permittee and shall be paid to the city no later than five days before the special event.
(b) The public service fees will be established by resolution of the city council for each special event category as described in Section 20-11-1 of this article. The amount of such fees shall be based on the city’s actual cost of providing the required number of police and other city employees necessary to ensure the safety of both the participants and the community.
(c) If the actual cost of public services for the event is less than the estimated cost, the permittee will promptly be refunded the difference by the city. If the actual cost for public services is more than the estimated cost, the difference shall become due and payable to the city upon the permittee’s receipt of a statement of the cost. (Ord. No. 1360, § 3 (part); Ord. No. 1436, § 3 (part).)