Sec. 19-5-13. Right of entry/search warrants.

(a) Whenever necessary to ascertain compliance with the provisions of this chapter or whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that there exists a violation of this chapter, an authorized agent or employee of the city may enter onto any premises or into any building for the purpose of inspecting facilities, records relating to pretreatment or to take samples.
(b) In those situations when the owner and/or occupant refuses entry, entry may be obtained under a search warrant issued by a duly authorized magistrate. The city attorney is authorized to seek such warrants upon the request of the director.
(c) Nothing herein shall be read to limit the immediate right of entry without a warrant:
(1) In any emergency situation; or
(2) Where entry is permitted under the Constitution or any state or federal law. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)