Sec. 19-1-3. Abbreviations.

The following abbreviations when used in this chapter shall have the meanings designated:
(1) BOD: biochemical oxygen demand.
(2) CFR: Code of Federal Regulations.
(3) CIU: categorical industrial user.
(4) COD: chemical oxygen demand.
(5) CTR: California Toxics Rule.
(6) EPA: Environmental Protection Agency.
(7) MAHL: maximum allowable headworks loading.
(8) MAIHL: maximum allowable industrial headworks loading.
(9) MG: milligrams.
(10) mg/l: milligrams per liter.
(11) NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.
(12) NTR: National Toxics Rule.
(13) O&M: operation and maintenance.
(14) POTW: publicly owned treatment works.
(15) PPP: pollution prevention program.
(16) RWQCB: Regional Water Quality Control Board.
(17) SIC: Standard Industrial Classification.
(18) SIU: significant industrial user.
(19) SWRCB: State Water Resources Control Board.
(20) TSS: total suspended solids.
(21) USC: United States Code.
(22) WIPP: wastewater industrial pretreatment program.
(23) WPCF: water pollution control facility. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)