Sec. 19-4-9. Reconsideration and appeal of permit decisions.

(a) The director shall provide notice to the user of all permit decisions, including the denial, issuance or modification of a wastewater discharge permit. The user may petition the director to reconsider a decision regarding a wastewater discharge permit, including the conditions imposed or, in the case of users other than CIUs and SIUs, the decision to require a wastewater discharge permit, within fifteen calendar days of such notice.
In its petition, the user requesting review must indicate the wastewater discharge permit provisions objected to, the reasons for this objection, and the alternative condition, if any, it seeks to place in the wastewater discharge permit.
(b) The director shall issue a written decision within thirty days of the petition. A user aggrieved by the decision of the director upon the petition for reconsideration may appeal to the city council in writing within fifteen calendar days after notice of the action taken by the director on the petition for reconsideration. The decision of the city council shall be final.
(c) The effectiveness of the wastewater discharge permit requirements shall not be stayed pending the outcome of the petition for reconsideration or appeal. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)