Sec. 19-4-8. Permit modifications upon adoption of National Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

Within three months of the promulgation of a National Categorical Pretreatment Standard, the wastewater discharge permit of CIUs subject to such standards shall be revised to require compliance with such standard within the time frame prescribed by such standard. In addition, the CIU shall submit to the director within one hundred eighty days after the promulgation of an applicable pretreatment standard the information required by subdivisions (9) and (10) of subsection (b) of Section 19-4-4. Where a user subject to a new pretreatment standard has not previously submitted an application for a wastewater discharge permit, the compliance schedule shall be one hundred eighty days after the promulgation of the applicable pretreatment standard. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)