Sec. 19-4-13. Revocation or suspension of permit.

(a) The director may revoke or suspend a wastewater discharge permit for good cause, including, but not limited to, the following reasons:
(1) Failure to notify the director in writing of significant changes to the wastewater prior to the changed discharge;
(2) Intentional misrepresentation or failure to fully disclose all relevant facts in the wastewater discharge permit application;
(3) Falsifying self-monitoring or other reports;
(4) Tampering with monitoring equipment;
(5) Refusing to allow the city timely access to the facility premises and records or refusing to allow the city to sample wastewater or discharges;
(6) Failure to meet effluent limitations;
(7) Failure to pay fines;
(8) Failure to pay sewer charges or fees;
(9) Failure to meet compliance schedules;
(10) Failure to complete a wastewater discharge permit application;
(11) Violation of any pretreatment standard or pretreatment requirement, or any terms of the wastewater discharge permit or this chapter; or
(12) Failure to provide prior notification to the director of changed conditions pursuant to Section 19-5-6.
(b) The director shall provide fifteen days prior written notice of revocation or suspension, including the reasons for such revocation or suspension. The permit holder may, within such fifteen days, appeal the revocation or suspension in writing to the city council whose decision shall be final. The wastewater discharge permit shall remain in effect during the tendency of such a timely appeal.
(c) If the wastewater discharge permit is revoked or suspended, the director may sever all pertinent connections to the WPCF. If the wastewater discharge permit is suspended or revoked, neither it nor service shall be reinstated until the user submits proof, satisfactory to the director, of compliance with this chapter, and reimburses the city for all costs incurred in suspending or revoking the permit. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)