Sec. 19-3-2. Charges and fees.

(a) In addition to the monthly sewer service charge, the city may, from time to time, adopt charges and fees to recoup the cost of administering this chapter. These fees may include:
(1) Monthly service fees for reimbursement of the cost of setting up and operating the WIPP and PPP;
(2) Fees for monitoring, inspections, and surveillance procedures, including the cost of collection and analysis of a user's discharge, and reviewing monitoring reports submitted by users;
(3) Fees for reviewing spill and slug control plans and construction of facilities, and responding to spill or slug discharge incidents;
(4) Fees for filing appeals and other enforcement actions;
(5) Fees for permit applications, including the cost of processing such applications;
(6) Fees for the cost of stenographic recordation of testimony and preparation of transcripts in any proceeding taken under this chapter;
(7) Fees for consistent removal (by the city) of pollutants otherwise subject to pretreatment standards; or
(8) Other fees as the city may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained in this chapter. (Ord. No. 1271, § 1 (part).)