Sec. 17B-1-7. Exception to competitive bidding--Emergencies.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code Sections 22035 and 22050, the city council hereby delegates to the city manager the power to declare a public emergency and to take any directly related and immediate action required by the emergency. The city manager may immediately take all necessary actions directly related to the emergency and in compliance with the city’s purchasing policies and guidelines, but must discontinue such action immediately if he or she fails to receive the city council’s approval at the next public meeting after the occurrence of the emergency. Work may be performed without the benefit of competitive bidding, either formal or informal, only so long as is necessary in accordance with Sections 22035 and 22050.
For projects of more than thirty thousand dollars, a report on the emergency and work performed shall be provided at the next regular meeting of the city council, and then at every meeting thereafter. At such meetings, the city council shall determine, by a four-fifths vote, if there is a need to continue the action without the benefit of informal or formal competitive bidding. The city council shall terminate the emergency action at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant, so that the remainder of the emergency action may be completed pursuant to the applicable bidding procedure.
For projects of thirty thousand dollars or less, the city manager shall have the authority to cause the department head of the department responsible for the project, or his or her designee, to proceed by any alternative procedure. (Ord. No. 1474, § 3 (part).)