Sec. 17B-1-3. Procurement of public projects.

(a) Basis of Award. The city shall procure public projects at the lowest total cost commensurate with the quality and scope needed, and subject to any limitations imposed by state law.
(b) Applicable State and Federal Law. The city shall comply with all applicable federal and state laws for the particular procurement at issue including, but not limited to, bidder’s security and bonding requirements, as well as prevailing wage requirements.
(c) Delegation of Purchasing Officer Authority. The purchasing officer may provide written authorization to any department director to conduct a bidding process outside of the centralized procurement system; provided, however, that such bidding process and the resulting contract or purchase shall otherwise comply with the requirements of this chapter. The purchasing officer may rescind such authorization in writing at any time and for any or no reason.
(d) Purchase Orders--Contract and Agreement Forms. The purchasing officer shall procure all public projects utilizing an appropriate contract or agreement, the form of which shall be approved by the city attorney. The city attorney shall not need to review and approve each executed contract or agreement; provided a city model approved as to form by the city attorney is used.
(e) Unlawful Purchasing Activities and Conflicts. City officials, officers, and employees are expressly prohibited from participating in the bidding or selection process when they have a relationship with a person or business entity seeking a contract under this chapter, pursuant to Government Code Sections 1090 and 87100 et seq.
(f) Records Retention. The purchasing officer shall keep a written record of both accepted and unaccepted bids for a period of two years following the award of the purchase, if the bid is awarded. If the bid is not awarded, the period shall run for two years from the date of the publication of the notice inviting bids.
(g) State or Federal Funding. Any purchases made with state or federal funds shall comply with all laws, rules, and regulations made applicable by the funding source. (Ord. No. 1474, § 3 (part).)