Sec. 17B-2-1. Procurement of professional services.

(a) City Manager Review of Scope of Services. The city manager shall review and approve, or provide for the review and approval of, the scope of services prepared for every professional services request for proposals and contract.
(b) Award. Contracts for professional services shall be awarded to the consultant who will best serve the interests of the city, taking into account the demonstrated competence, professional qualifications, and suitability for the proposed scope of services in general.
(c) Subsequent Contract Awards, Amendments, Extensions, or Renewals. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, a department head or his or her designee may not award a subsequent contract to the same individual or entity for the same or similar services, or amend, extend, or renew such a contract, without obtaining the city manager’s approval, when the award, amendment, extension, or renewal will result in the city paying an aggregate amount in excess of the approval authority of the department head to the contracting party in any given fiscal year. For purposes of this section, the phrase “same project” shall include an on-call or as-needed contract.
(d) Change Orders or Amendments. For professional service agreements awarded by the city council, unless a lower or higher amount is stated in the city council staff report for the project or directed by the city council, the city manager or his or her designee shall have the authority to approve contract amendments or change orders up to twenty-five percent of the original contract amount. (Ord. No. 1474, § 3 (part).)