Sec. 17B-3-2. Procurement of materials, supplies and equipment.

(a) Materials, supplies and equipment required by any city department for its daily operation and use may be purchased through alternative procedures. This section does not apply to any materials, supplies, and equipment required for the construction of a public project, as defined by Public Contract Code Section 22002(c). Alternative procedures include the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment by contract negotiated and/or approved by the purchasing officer or any other procedure outlined in the city’s purchasing policies and guidelines.
(b) Each department head or his or her designee shall file detailed estimates of its requirements for materials, supplies, and equipment with the purchasing officer in such manner, at such time, and for such future periods in accordance with the city’s purchasing policies and guidelines and consistent with this article.
(c) The purchasing officer or the head of the requesting department or either official’s designee shall inspect all materials, supplies, and equipment delivered to determine whether it conforms to the specifications set forth in the order. (Ord. No. 1474, § 3 (part).)