Sec. 17B-3-1. Procurement of contracts for maintenance work.

(a) Contracts for maintenance work may be approved through alternative procedures, as set forth in the city’s purchasing policies and guidelines.
(b) Maintenance work shall include, in addition to any definition of “maintenance work” set forth in the city’s purchasing policies and guidelines, the following:
(1) Routine, recurring, and usual work for the preservation or protection of any publicly-owned or publicly-operated facility for its intended purposes.
(2) Minor repainting.
(3) Street and highway maintenance including utility patching, skin patching, crack filling, filling of pot holes, slurry sealing, edge grading, street striping, resurfacing of streets and highways at less than one-inch, sign replacement, sidewalk repair and replacement, curb and gutter repair and replacement, and street and traffic light repair and replacement. “Maintenance work” shall not include striping of a new street or highway.
(4) Sewer maintenance including foaming, video taping, cleaning, and manhole restoration.
(5) Traffic Signal Maintenance. Maintenance work shall not include installation of new traffic signals.
(6) Storm drain related maintenance.
(7) Landscape maintenance, including mowing, watering, trimming, pruning, planting, tree and plant replacement, irrigation and sprinkler system servicing, retrofit and repair, and landscape rehabilitation.
(8) Maintenance of facilities including roof repairs or replacements, heating and air conditioning repairs, and electric repairs.
(9) Vehicle and equipment maintenance and repairs.
(10) Work performed to keep, operate, and maintain publicly-owned water, power, or waste disposal systems including, but not limited to, dams, reservoirs, powerplants, and electrical transmission lines.
(c) The purchasing officer, or his or her designee, shall review and approve the form of the working details, drawings, plans, and specifications prepared for all maintenance work contracts. (Ord. No. 1474, § 3 (part).)