Sec. 16B-7. Space rent ceiling.

(a) Beginning the first month which commences following this election when this ordinance is enacted, no owner of a manufactured home park shall charge space rent for any manufactured home space in an amount greater than the space rent in effect on January 1, 1996. This date shall be known as the “space rent ceiling date.” The space rent in effect on that date, and as thereafter adjusted in accordance with this chapter, shall be known as the space rent ceiling.
(b) When no space rent in effect. If there was no space rent in effect on the space rent ceiling date, the space rent ceiling shall be the space rent that was charged for that space on the last date that space rent was charged for the space prior to the space rent ceiling date.
(c) Exemptions. If a manufactured home space is exempted from the space rental ceiling provisions of this chapter by reason of the existence of a space rent agreement that meets the requirements of Civil Code Section 798.17, and the agreement expires, the space rent ceiling for the space shall be the space rent in effect for that space before the agreement expired. (Ord. No. 1362, § 1 (part).)