Sec. 16B-6. Registration fee.

(a) At the time of initial registration or any subsequent re-registration, manufactured home park owners shall pay to the city of Woodland a registration fee for each manufactured home rental space within the park, as established by resolution of the city council, except such spaces that are exempt from such fee because of a space rental agreement that meets the requirements of Section 798.17 of the California Civil Code.
(b) If a park owner does not pay the fee provided for in subsection (a) above within the time period established therein, a late charge shall be assessed in an amount equal to one dollar for each manufactured home rental space within the park for each month or fraction thereof that such payment is delinquent.
(c) No petition will be accepted from any park owner for a space rent ceiling adjustment of any kind, no hearing or other proceeding shall be scheduled or take place, and no space rent ceiling adjustment shall be granted or take effect for any manufactured home park for which there is an unpaid registration fee.
(d) The registration fee provided by this section is intended to defray costs associated with the administration of this chapter except those costs associated with net operating income and special adjustment hearings, which costs are provided for under Section 16B-14(f) of this chapter
(e) The city manager is hereby directed to maintain an accurate accounting of all direct and indirect costs of administering the regulations contained in this chapter. The city manager shall submit a report to the commission and city council of such costs and any recommendation for a change in the registration fee at least annually from and after the effective date of this chapter. (Ord. No. 1362, § 1 (part).)