Sec. 16B-5. Registration.

(a) Within sixty calendar days after the date any manufactured home park, or manufactured home space, initially becomes subject to the provisions of this chapter, and annually thereafter, the owner of such park shall register the park, inducing all manufactured home spaces within the park that are subject to this chapter.
(b) The initial registration shall include the name(s), business addresses, business telephone number(s) of each person or legal entity possessing an ownership interest in the park and the nature of such interest; the number of manufactured home rental spaces within the park; a rent schedule reflecting space rents within the park on the effective date of this chapter; a listing of all other charges, including utilities not included in space rent, paid by manufactured home residents within the park and the approximate amount of each such charge; and the name and address to which all required notices and correspondence may be sent.
(c) The commission is hereby empowered to require such re-registration as it deems necessary.
(d) No park owner shall be eligible to receive any rent ceiling adjustment as provided for under the provisions of this chapter unless such current registration as may then be required for the manufactured home park is on file with the commission at the time the petition for the rent ceiling adjustment is filed.
(e) The registration requirements provided for in this section or which may be established by the commission shall apply to all manufactured home parks, and park spaces, including those exempt from the space rent ceiling limitation by reason of an exemption based upon Civil Code Section 798.17. (Ord. No. 1362, § 1 (part).)