Sec. 16B-2. Definitions.

Commission. The manufactured home fair practices commission established by this chapter.
Manufactured home. For purposes of this chapter, the term “manufactured home” shall be synonymous with the term “mobile home.”
Manufactured home park. An area of land where two or more manufactured home sites are rented, or held out for rent to accommodate manufactured homes used for human habitation. Also referred to herein as a “park.”
Manufactured home park owner. The owner, lessor, operator or designated agent thereof of a manufactured home park also referred to herein as a “park owner.”
Manufactured home resident. Any person entitled to occupy a manufactured home as the owner thereof or pursuant to a rental or lease agreement with the owner of a manufactured home. Also referred to herein as a “resident.”
Rental agreement. An agreement between the manufactured home park owner and a resident establishing the terms and conditions of a tenancy. A lease is a rental agreement.
Space rent. The consideration, including any bonus, benefits or gratuities, demanded or received for and in connection with the use or occupancy of a manufactured home within a manufactured home park or the transfer of a rental agreement of such a manufactured home. The use and occupancy of a rental unit shall induce the exercise of all rights and privileges and use of all facilities, services and amenities accruing to the residents thereof for which a separate fee authorized by the Mobile Home Residency Law (California Civil Code Section 798 et seq.) not charged. Nothing herein shall be construed to prevent a park opener from establishing such fees as may be authorized by the Mobile Home Residency Law.
Vacancy control. The occurrence of a vacancy in either a space within a park or a mobile home unit on a space within a park shall not result in a space rental increase in excess of the percentage increase allowed once during any twelve month period. (Ord. No. 1362, § 1 (part).)