Sec. 16-12. Transportation of junk metals upon public roads.

(a) Permits Required. Any person who transports junk metal which includes, but is not limited to wire, cable, copper, iron, brass, steel, or aluminum on public roads in the city of Woodland shall have in that person’s possession a valid bill of sale for the junk metal or a written permit issued by the owner of the junk metal authorizing the removal and transport.
(b) Contents of Permit. Any such permit shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following:
(1) The name, address, and signature of the owner;
(2) The owner’s phone number, if available;
(3) The name, address, and signature of the permittee;
(4) A description sufficient to identify the real property from which the junk metal was removed;
(5) The date of issuance of the permit or bill of sale and the duration of the period of time within which the junk metal may be removed;
(6) Any conditions or additional information which the owner may impose or include.
(c) Exemption for Company Vehicles. This section shall not apply to the transport of any junk metal carried by a company-identified vehicle or junk metal stamp by CA Cash Refund.
(d) Expenses. Any expense incurred in caring for any property taken into protective custody pursuant to this section shall be paid by the owner of the property. The cost of caring for the property so held is a lien upon the property. The lien may be enforced in the manner prescribed in Section 3052 of the California Civil Code. (Ord. No. 1490, § 4 (part); Ord. No. 1498, § 3.)