Sec. 16-10. Report of purchases; blanks furnished by chief of police.

Every person maintaining or operating any business of a pawnbroker, recycler, junk or secondhand dealer shall, before the hour of 10:00 A.M. of each and every day, except Sunday, deliver to the chief of police a true report in writing setting forth a description of each and every article purchased during the day immediately preceding such report and also the name, residence or business address of the vendor thereof, the amount of money paid for each article and any particular or prominent marks of identification that may be found on each article purchased, together with the date and hour of the receipt of each article. The report made on each Monday shall embrace all purchases made from and after the report made on the Saturday preceding. All reports herein required to be made shall be made on blank forms to be furnished by the chief of police on application therefore. All reports shall contain the information required by California Business and Professions Code Section 21606 and additionally include the fingerprint of the right hand index finger of the seller of the article, unless such finger is missing, in which event the print of the next finger in existence and any additional information required as shown on the blank forms provided by the chief of police. (Ord. No. 337, § 4; Ord. No. 1490, § 3 (part).)