Sec. 15-36. Permit application for sound amplification in parks.

Applications for a permit to amplify sound in a public park shall include the following:
1. Name and address of the applicant;
2. If different, name and address of the person who shall have direct responsibility for the use and operation of the sound amplification equipment;
3. The purpose for which the sound amplification is proposed to be used;
4. The designated location within the park area where it is proposed to install and operate the sound amplification equipment;
5. A general description of the sound amplifying equipment proposed for use;
6. The maximum sound producing power of the proposed sound amplifying equipment to be used, including, the wattage of the equipment, the maximum volume in decibels of sound which the equipment will produce, and the approximate maximum distance during daytime hours at which sound from the equipment may be heard with the equipment in operation at maximum volume. (Ord. No. 993, § 1.)