Sec. 15-35. Prohibition of sound amplification in parks.

All sound amplification of speech or music of whatever type or kind shall be prohibited within the confines of any city park when posted by a sign or signs prohibiting the same unless excepted as hereinafter provided.
Sound amplification shall include, but not be limited to, sound amplification by means of standard radios and the like.
The confines of any city park, as used in this section, shall be deemed to include a street and sidewalks on both sides of a street bounding the city park.
When a written permit is previously obtained from the parks director or his deputized agent, sound amplification equipment necessary to further the public interest, such as in the case of political rallies, public celebrations, sports events, and other significant public events may be permitted subject to conditions assuring that the peace and quiet of the adjacent neighborhood is not unreasonably disturbed.
Sound amplification, as used in this section, shall not include a standard automobile radio when used and heard in the vehicle only by the occupants of the vehicle in which it is installed.
Violation of this section shall be an infraction. (Ord. No. 993, § 1.)