Sec. 15-27. Inhaling, etc., certain substances prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to inhale, breathe, drink or in any manner use any product or substance or combination thereof containing organic solvents, which include amyl acetate, tri-chlor ethylene, acetone or other closely related or similar compounds used as solvents for products referred to as “glue,” “adhesive cement,” “mucilage” or “dope,” with the intent of becoming intoxicated, elated, dazed, paralyzed, irrational or in any manner changing, distorting, disturbing the eyesight, thinking process, balance coordination or affecting the central nervous system of such person. For the purposes of this section, any such condition so inducted shall be deemed to be an “intoxicated condition.” The provisions of this section shall not pertain to any person who inhales, breathes or drinks or uses such product or substance pursuant to the direction or prescription of any doctor, physician, surgeon, dentist or podiatrist authorized to so direct or prescribe. (Ord. No. 688, § 1.)