Sec. 14D-04-10. Condition of approval.

As a condition of approval of a discretionary development approval, including but not limited to tentative subdivision and parcel maps, use permits and rezoning, prezoning, and planned developments, relating to property located within five hundred feet of agricultural land or agricultural operations, every transferor of such property shall insert the deed restriction recited below in the deed transferring any right, title or interest in the property to the transferee:

The City of Woodland and Yolo County allow operation of properly conducted agricultural operations within the City and the County. You are hereby notified that the property you are purchasing is located within 500 feet of agricultural land or agricultural operations You may be subject to inconvenience or discomfort from lawful agricultural or agricultural processing facilities operations. Discomfort and inconvenience may include, but are not limited to, noise, odors, fumes, dust, smoke burning vibrations insects rodents and/or the operation of machinery (including aircraft) during any 24-hour period. Agricultural operations shall not be considered a nuisance unless such operations are deemed to be a nuisance under California Civil Code Sections 3482.5 and 3482.6. Agricultural operations shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.
One or more of the inconveniences described may occur as a result of agricultural operations which are in compliance with existing laws and regulations and accepted customs and standards. If you live near an agricultural area, you should be prepared to accept such inconveniences or discomfort as a normal and necessary aspect of living in an area with a strong rural character and an active agricultural sector.
Lawful ground rig or aerial application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers occur in farming operations. Should you be concerned about spraying, you may contact the Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner.
The City of Woodland Right to Farm Ordinance does not exempt farmers, agricultural processors or others from compliance with law. Should a farmer, agricultural processor or other person not comply with appropriate state, federal or local laws, legal recourse is possible by, among other ways, contacting the appropriate agency.
If you allege that an agricultural operation has interfered with your private property or personal well being or is otherwise considered a nuisance, you must notify the property owner and offer to resolve the dispute through the City’s grievance procedure, other mediation, and/or arbitration prior to the filing of any court action.
The City has established a grievance procedure to assist in the resolution of disputes which may arise involving residents of the City regarding agricultural operations.
This Right To Farm Deed Restriction shall be included in all subsequent deeds and leases for this property until such time as the property is not located within 500 feet of agricultural land or agricultural operations as defined by this ordinance.

(Ord. No. 1364, Exh. 1 (part).)