Sec. 14D-03-30. Agricultural operations.

“Agricultural operations” means any agricultural activity, operation or facility including, but not limited to, the cultivation and tillage of the soil, the production, irrigation, frost protection, cultivation, growing, harvesting and processing of any commercial agricultural commodity, and any practices performed by a farmer or on a farm as incidental to or in conjunction with such operations, including the legal application of pesticides and fertilizers, use of farm equipment, storage or preparation for market, delivery to storage or to market, or to carriers for transportation to market.
Agricultural operations shall include agricultural processing facilities and operations which are defined as agricultural processing activities, operations, facilities or appurtenances thereof including, but not limited to, the canning or freezing of agricultural products, the processing of dairy products, the production and bottling of beer and wine, the processing of meat and egg products, the drying of fruits and grains, the packing and cooling of fruits and vegetables, and the storage or warehousing of any agricultural products, and includes processing for wholesale or retail markets of agricultural products. (Ord. No. 1364, Exh. 1 (part).)