Sec. 14D-01-10. Policy.

It is the policy of the city of Woodland to promote the general health, safety and welfare of the city; preserve, protect, enhance and encourage agricultural operations on agricultural land; to support and encourage continued agricultural operations outside the urban limit line of the city; to encourage and support continued agricultural use of land within the urban limit line of the city until the need for urban development of the land is demonstrated and/or a substantial community benefit is provided; and to forewarn prospective purchasers and users of property near or adjacent to agricultural operations of the sounds, odors, dust and chemicals that may accompany agricultural operations. Further, it is the intent of the city to provide its residents proper notification of the city’s recognition and support of properly conducted agricultural operations, through this article. The ordinance codified in this article has been established to carry out and advance the goals, objectives, policies, and implementation programs related to agricultural resources in the general plan. (Ord. No. 1364, Exh. 1 (part).)