Sec. 14C-1-2. Maintenance standards.

(a) The required maintenance for improved and unimproved properties is based on the size of the parcel as listed below. The owner, agent of owner and/or occupant of any improved or unimproved lot or parcel of land within the city shall mow and/or clear the weeds and dry grasses at the times and in accordance with procedures contained in standards promulgated by the fire chief. Copies of these standards shall be provided to affected property owners and occupants following an annual community inspection conducted by the fire chief. Alternative or additional clearing dates may be directed by the fire chief or an authorized representative on parcels known to contain protected habitat. Standards promulgated by the fire chief shall include, at a minimum, the following:
(b) Standards for improved parcels:
(1) All improved parcels one half acre or smaller in size within the city shall be mowed and/or cleared entirely.
(2) All improved parcels larger than one half acre require firebreaks of one hundred feet from any structure and thirty feet along the perimeter of said parcel if adjacent to improved property.
(c) Standards for unimproved parcels.
(1) Vacant parcels four acres or smaller shall be totally mowed and/or cleared so that combustible growth does not exceed four inches in height.
(2) Vacant parcels larger than four acres require firebreaks around the perimeter of said parcels
consisting of mowing and/or clearing a distance of one hundred feet from the property line if adjacent to improved areas or structures and a firebreak of ten feet from public or private paved roadways or parking lots. (Ord. No. 1341, (part).)