Sec. 14C-1-1. Public nuisance declared--Exemptions.

(a) Weeds and dry grasses over four inches in height, dead shrubs, dead trees or tree limbs within ten feet of a structure or chimney, or any vegetation growing upon the streets, sidewalks, or upon private property within the city, which bear seeds of a wingy or downy nature or which by reason of their size, manner of growth and location constitute a fire hazard to any building, improvements, crops and other property, and weeds and grasses, which, when dry, will in reasonable probability constitute such a fire hazard, are declared to be public nuisance.
(b) Cultivated and useful grasses and pastures shall not be declared a public nuisance. However, if the fire chief or his or her authorized representative determines that a firebreak is necessary to protect adjacent improved property from fire exposures, an adequate firebreak shall be required as determined by the fire chief or his or her representative. (Ord. No. 1341, (part).)