Sec. 14A-5-7. Nuisance abatement administrative fees and fines.

(a) Administrative Fees. Except as provided in Section 14A-5-8 of this article, an administrative fee to cover the city’s cost for the removal, tagging and storage of abandoned shopping carts and associated administrative activities performed by the city, or a contractor, may be established by resolution of the city council and imposed upon the owners of abandoned carts. Such fee shall not exceed the city’s reasonable estimate of actual cost for such services.
(b) Fines. In addition to the payment of an administrative fee as set forth in subsection (a) of this section and except as provided in Section 14A-5-8 of this article, the owner of an impounded cart shall also be subject to a fine in the maximum amount established by Business and Professions Code Section 22435.7(f), as may be amended from time to time. The fine for identified carts shall be based on each occurrence in excess of three during any six-month period for failure to reclaim identified carts in accordance with Section 14A-5-8 of this article. An occurrence includes all identified carts impounded by the city, or a contractor, in a one-day period. The fine for unidentified carts shall be the same fine amount as for each occurrence set forth in this subsection for identified carts but imposed on each unidentified cart impounded, beginning with the first unidentified cart impounded. (Ord. No. 1435, § 3 (part).)