Sec. 14A-6-2. Warnings for first disturbance.

When police department personnel respond to any premises as a result of a disturbance caused by a party, gathering, or unruly assemblage resulting in a threat to the public peace, health, safety or general welfare, the responding officers may issue a written notice to the responsible party. The notice shall state that if police department personnel are required to return to the same premises within the following twelve-hour period because of further similar disturbances, each additional response shall constitute special security services. Further, the warning shall state that the responsible party may be charged for the cost of providing such special security services for each additional police response. The warning shall be signed by the responsible party, acknowledging receipt of the warning, and a signed copy of the warning shall be left with the responsible party. If a second or any subsequent response is required, police department personnel shall have the responsible party sign a “disturbance violation” notice, acknowledging the occurrence of the second or subsequent response. Refusal to sign a “disturbance violation” notice does not relieve the responsible party of liability for the cost of any special security services. (Ord. No. 1476, § 3 (part).)