Sec. 14A-6-1. Purpose.

The city council finds and declares that:
(1) The control of parties, gatherings, or unruly assemblage on public and private property is necessary when such continued activity creates a significant hazard to the peace, health, safety or general welfare of the public.
(2) Police department personnel are often required to make return calls to the location of a party, gathering, or unruly assemblage in order to disperse uncooperative participants, which creates a drain of manpower and resources, and frequently leaves other areas of the city with reduced police protection.
(3) The citizens of Woodland should not subsidize the costs of emergency responses in these situations and, thus, the city should seek reimbursement of all costs associated with multiple responses to a particular location from the person responsible for the event. (Ord. No. 1476, § 3 (part).)