Sec. 14A-7-8. Advance deposit hardship waiver.

(a) Any person who intends to request a hearing to contest an administrative citation and who is financially unable to make the advance deposit of the fine may file a request for an advance deposit hardship waiver form, available from the finance department.
(b) The request shall be filed with the finance department within five days of the date of the issuance of the administrative citation.
(c) The requirement of depositing the full amount of the fine as described in Section 14A-7-7(a) of this article shall be stayed unless or until the director of finance makes a determination not to issue the advance deposit hardship waiver.
(d) The director may waive the requirement for advance deposit only if the cited party submits to the director a declaration, under penalty of perjury, supported by evidence that shows to the director’s reasonable satisfaction that such party is financially unable to deposit the total amount of the fine in advance of the hearing.
(e) If the director determines not to issue an advance deposit hardship waiver, the cited party shall remit the deposit to the city within five days of the date of that decision or fifteen days from the date of issuance of the administrative citation, whichever is later.
(f) The director shall list his or her reasons for granting or not granting an advance deposit hardship waiver in writing and serve it on the cited party. The director’s decision is final. (Ord. No. 1443, § 3 (part).)