Sec. 14A-7-5. Contents of notice.

Each administrative citation shall contain the following information:
(1) Date, approximate time and address or definite description of the location where the violation(s) was observed;
(2) The code section(s) or condition(s) violated and a description of the violation(s);
(3) A description of the action required to correct the violation(s);
(4) An order to the responsible person to correct the violation(s) by a correction date and an explanation of the consequences of failure to correct the violation(s);
(5) The amount of the fine for the violation(s);
(6) An explanation of how the fine shall be paid, the deadline by which it shall be paid, and the place to which the fine shall be paid;
(7) An order prohibiting the continuation or repeated occurrence of the code violation(s) described in the administrative citation;
(8) Identification of rights of appeal, including the time within which the administrative citation may be contested and the place to obtain a notice of appeal and request for hearing form to contest the administrative citation; and
(9) The name and signature of the enforcement officer and, if possible, the signature of the responsible person. (Ord. No. 1443, § 3 (part).)