Sec. 14A-8-9. Safety violation enforcement and fines.

(a) Any violation of this article may result in any or all of the following actions and/or fines:
(1) A misdemeanor punishable by either six months in jail and/or a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars;
(2) Institution of a civil action by the city attorney, or his or her designee as set forth in Section 14A-8-10;
(3) Issuance of administrative citation(s) and/or an order to abate the safety violation(s) with a fine for each and every safety violation of up to five hundred dollars, plus any administrative expenses incurred in the enforcement of this article;
(4) Administrative injunction ordering the action constituting a safety violation to immediately cease and desist; such an order may require an order that the property be immediately vacated to protect the health and welfare of the community;
(5) In addition to all other remedies or penalties provided by law, violation of any of the sections contained in this article are punishable as follows:
(A) One hundred dollars administrative citation for the first violation,
(B) Two hundred dollars administrative citation for the second violation within one year,
(C). Five hundred dollars administrative citation for the third and subsequent violations within one year.
(b) Each day the safety violation(s) continue shall be deemed a new violation subject to additional citations, penalties, and fines.
(c) Violation of any section of this article may be filed as an infraction or a misdemeanor at the discretion of the city attorney.
(d) All fines shall be the obligation of the owner and are due and payable within thirty days of issuance of the citation, provided that when a request for a hearing is made, the fines and administrative expenses shall be due and payable within thirty days of the date of the hearing officer’s written decision. Any fine or administrative expense not paid within the time limits set forth shall be collected pursuant to Section 14A-8-10. (Ord. No. 1492, § 3 (part).)