Sec. 14A-8-8. Notice to property owner.

(a) To commence enforcement of this article, the chief of police shall notify the property owner of the occurrence of a safety violation on the owner’s property. The notice shall be served in accordance with Section 14A-7-4 of the Woodland Municipal Code.
(b) When the chief of police notifies an owner of rental property of a safety violation allegedly caused by a specific tenant or the tenants of a specific unit or property, the chief of police may concurrently give written notice thereof to the property manager, when one is known, and the specific tenant(s) of a unit or property.
(c) The notice shall also contain the following information:
(1) The address where the safety violation is occurring.
(2) A statement specifying the activities and behaviors which constitute the safety violation, including the names (when known) of the person or persons allegedly causing the safety violation, and may include reasonable actions which the chief of police directs the property owner to take to abate the violation.
(3) A statement informing the owner that if any safety violations reoccur after thirty calendar days of the date of notice, administrative citation, including a penalty not to exceed five hundred dollars for each new safety violation that occurs, may be issued and imposed upon the owner.
(4) A statement that the owner must, in responding to the notice and working with tenants, comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations relating to evictions and prohibitions against discrimination.
(d) After an initial notice, city shall not be responsible for providing notice pursuant to this section prior to issuance of a citation for subsequent safety violations on the same property that occur within the latter of: (1) three hundred sixty-five days of mailing or publication of the initial notice or; (2) that occur within three hundred sixty-five days following the hearing officer’s decision pursuant to Woodland Municipal Code Section 14A-8-11. (Ord. No. 1492, § 3 (part).)