Sec. 14-14-7. Towing rotation list.

(a) Towing operators selected to provide towing services to the city and to participate in the rotation list shall abide by the rules and specifications.
(b) Based on the number of towing operators needed, as determined by the chief pursuant to Section 14-14-4, the chief shall select from the eligibility list the appropriate number of towing operators to be placed on the rotation list and participate in the towing rotation program for the following year. The chief shall select towing operators from the eligibility list in the order in which their applications were received.
(c) The towing operator at the top of the list shall be on call to provide towing services to the city in accordance with the rotation system. Once a towing operator completes its designated on-call service, the towing operator’s name shall be moved to the bottom of the list, and the towing operator then at the top of the list shall be the next towing operator contacted to provide towing services to the city.
(d) When the city manager or the chief determines that an emergency exists, the city may request services from a towing operator who is not at the top of the list.
(e) The rotation list may be amended from time to time as part of the chief’s promulgation or modification of the rules and specifications. (Ord. No. 1381, § 3 (part).)