Sec. 14-14-5. Application for the eligibility list.

(a) An application for placement on the department’s eligibility list for the rotation list shall be submitted in writing, executed under penalty of perjury, and filed with the chief. In addition to other requirements set forth in the rules and specifications, the application shall contain all the following:
(1) The full name and identification of the applicant and all persons who are financially interested, whether directly or indirectly, in the towing business;
(2) The business addresses of the applicant and all financially interested parties;
(3) The name under which the business will be operated;
(4) Whether the applicant or any person financially interested in the application has been removed from a rotation list or had a permit to tow motor vehicles suspended or revoked in any other jurisdiction and, if so, the circumstances of that removal, suspension or revocation;
(5) A complete description of the vehicles to be operated by the applicant, including the vehicle make, model, year, license number, vehicle identification number, engine horsepower, and a description of hoist equipment and towing weight capacity;
(6) Current certificates from a state-approved testing station certifying all safety equipment on all towing vehicles. Certification from the California Highway Patrol will satisfy this requirement;
(7) The names, driver’s license numbers and positions of all employees that will be involved in towing, storing and releasing vehicles;
(8) The location of all proposed vehicle storage facilities;
(9) Evidence in writing to show the applicant’s ability to comply with all requirements of this article and the terms and conditions of the city tow service agreement.
(b) Applications pursuant to this article shall only be accepted during the annual enrollment period, which shall begin on October 1st and end on October 31st of each calendar year. (Ord. No. 1381, § 3 (part).)