Sec. 14-14-3. Rules and specifications.

(a) The chief shall promulgate written rules and specifications governing the provision of towing services, the qualifications and conduct of drivers, and the requirements for vehicle storage facilities. The rules and specifications may be modified from time to time as deemed appropriate by the chief. All towing services provided pursuant to the rotation list shall be subject to the requirements set forth in the rules and specifications.
(b) The rules and specifications shall include, but not be limited to, provisions requiring that all towing operators participating in the rotation list do the following:
(1) Obtain a city business license;
(2) Enter into a towing services agreement with the city;
(3) Abide by the provisions of this article and the rules and specifications promulgated by the chief;
(4) Protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the city, its elected officials, officers and employees from all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or encountered in connection with their agreement with the city or the performance of work or purchase of supplies, equipment and materials in preparation for the towing operations or claims, demands and liabilities arising out of events occurring during the towing and subsequent storage and maintenance of vehicles on behalf of the city, whether or not such claims, demands or liabilities are caused by the towing operator, its employees or agents;
(5) Provide proof and maintain general liability, automobile liability and workers’ compensation insurance in an amount and at an insurance industry rating which meets the requirements of the city’s finance department and which is acceptable to the city attorney;
(6) Have all of their towing vehicles used in the performance of towing services on behalf of the city inspected at least once per year. Proof of inspection by the California Highway Patrol shall satisfy this requirement; and
(7) Provide, at no cost to the city, towing services for all city police vehicles. (Ord. No. 1381, § 3 (part).)