Sec. 14-14-2. Definitions.

"Chief" means the chief of police of the city. For purposes of this article, "chief" also includes any appropriate designee of the chief of police.
"Department" means the city police department.
"Eligibility list" means the city’s list of towing operators who have filed an application to participate in the rotation list and who the chief has determined to be qualified to participate in the rotation list.
"Rotation list" means the city’s list of towing operators who have been selected from the eligibility list to be used by the department for the purpose of providing tow truck service in accordance with the provisions of this article.
"Rules and specifications" means the city’s rules and specifications for towing services, drivers and vehicle storage facilities, which shall be promulgated by the chief pursuant to Section 14-14-3.
"Tow" or "towing" means the act of moving damaged or disabled vehicles, illegally parked vehicles, vehicles that must be moved for safekeeping and evidentiary purposes, and abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles constituting a nuisance.
"Tow truck" means a motor vehicle that has been altered or designed and equipped for and exclusively used in the business of towing vehicles by means of a crane, tow bar, tow line, dolly or rollback carrier or is otherwise used to render emergency assistance to disabled and other vehicles.
"Towing operator" means any person, firm or corporation with a valid business license from the city and engaged in the business of towing and storing vehicles in the city. (Ord. No. 1381, § 3 (part).)